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(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

December poetry

As we know the whole year has 12 months but there are few months which has their own significance, one of them is December month which is famous for poetry and second of them in January which is famous for New Year. There are a lot of poets and poetess which has written a lot of poetry in all most every language across all over the world.

The whole year has only one month (December) which brings your precious memories of good time and hope for New Year. As you know December is also a sign for lovers. December the whole month is full of cold and chilly days and nights. This month also holds romance for some people and sadness for some people. This month can make you romantic in this way if you have loving person nearing to you and it can make you gloomy in this way if you have lost your loving person or your love.

The feelings and expressions of our life are expressed in December poetry which is the true face of your emotions.

Most of the people like to read out December poetry to acknowledge the past events which happened in previous life.  Most of the notable poets and poetess has chosen the cold and chilly month of the year (December) for their poetry and their writings for the depiction of true feelings and emotions.

Most of the renowned December romantic poetry includes:

  • December ki akhri shab
  • December ja  rha ha
  • December Mohabbat Ka Mahina

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